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Poverty eradication and climate change

This project looks at the long-term consequences for climate targets of achieving poverty eradication goals.  Using multi-regional input-output data and the World Bank’s global consumption database, we find that eradicating extreme poverty does not jeopardize the climate target. On the other hand, bringing everybody to an income level of what can be considered the global middle class, which is still by the standards of industrialized countries a fairly modest lifestyle, would have long-term consequences on achieving emission targets.

Klaus Hubacek

Investigating the Dynamic Intersections Among Economic Development, Urbanization, and Forest Degradation(NSF)

This project will investigate how economic and environmental changes affect the relationships among urban energy demands, urban and rural livelihoods, and the health of ecosystems that urban residents rely on for critical resources.

Julie Silva

Fernando Sedano

Local Communities and Climate Change in the Brazilian Amazon (funded by Ford Foundation)This project explores community-based resource management and international environmental policy in building livelihoods and mitigating the impacts of climate changeJanet Chernela


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