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3:30-5 p.m.

Nov. 9, 2017

Room 2113, Chincoteague Hall

Dr. Cecilia R. Martinez

Co-founder and Executive Director of Research Programs Center for Earth Energy and Democracy. Her research focuses on developing energy and environmental strategies that promote equality and sustainability, environmental justice and climate change. 

Abstract: In a span of less than 300 years, we have managed to seriously impair the quality of our air and water and alter the Earth’s climate system by pursuing a development path that has serious environmental consequences. At the same time, there have been substantial human costs as well. As a major contributor to these societal problems, the energy system is key to developing sustainable solutions. The question is, how can we move forward on an energy transition that addresses both inequality and environmental degradation. This presentation will focus on the intersections of social and economic inequality, and climate and energy policy; and provide an energy democracy framework for the future.